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    Treat Yourself To Some Energy Balancing During The Busy Holiday Season!
    12-21-14 4:00 pm - The Gallery
    "Ignite The Healer Within"

    Reiki is a healing technique where Universal Life Force Energy is shared through hands-on treatment.  It helps remove the mind, body and spirit’s energetic blocks while promoting wellness and harmony within and throughout your life.  During...

    ANNUAL TradinLadyz Christmas Luncheon
    12-21-14 4:00 pm - The Gallery
    ATC TradinLadyz

    We will be trading  ATC Cards with a Christmas theme  We will be having our Christmas Luncheon at Roadhouse Grill in Whittier at 12:30.  There will be no demo so no supplies needed.    We will also be doing our gift exchange with a $10.00...

    Winter Solstice – Releasing Darkness Meditation and Ceremony
    12-21-14 4:00 pm - The Gallery
    Lessons in Joyful Living: Mind Science & Metaphysics

    Winter Solstice is a time in the northern hemisphere when the energy of light and dark shift. Our days get longer and our nights get shorter. This is a beautiful energy to align with to help alleviate and release any of the darkness that...