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    Same Time And Place!
    2-25-17 3:00 pm - Estudio 15
    Hacienda Heights Beverage/ Talk Meetup

    I will be out of town for this meeting. I hope to hear about it that weekend while in northern CA... have fun. William

    Let's fight the rainny blues with Karaoke!
    2-25-17 3:00 pm - Estudio 15
    Asian night out!!

    Let's fight the spring rain blues with Karaoke!! Energy Karaoke has Happy Hour Karaoke from 2:30- 8pm for $20 per person plus gratituties & sales tax, about $25 per person! (That's a shocking 5.5 hours long! This includes one free...

    Model Elegant Dress & Convertible Roadster..
    2-25-17 3:00 pm - Estudio 15
    A Portfolio - Los Angeles Photography Club

    come early if you interested learn about lighting..etc... Lighting: Profoto Model: Pending update Car #1: 2017 Mercede convertible