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  • Community Events

    Same Time And Place!
    12-10-16 8:00 pm - Dal Rae
    Hacienda Heights Beverage/ Talk Meetup

    End of year happy hour @ Music Box with OCTW~~
    12-10-16 8:00 pm - Dal Rae
    Asian Karaoke Box

    Let's sing our hearts out one last time at Music Box! This will be happy hour from 2-8PM for about $17 with one free drink. Please come on time but feel free to leave whenever you like.  To celebrate winter, and to make socal feel a little more...

    100 point dinner
    12-10-16 8:00 pm - Dal Rae
    Yarom & Hedonists

    We did one here a couple of years ago, so now we return.     First off, we love Dal rae. Great 27 Zagat food and they always take care of us and always a fun time.  Wines have to be a real 100 points.  Parker or Spectator, not Suckling or...